August 4, 2019


​Table of Contents

I.Duties of Officers

II.Committee Duties


Officers And Committees Organization

                                                --------Vice President                  -------Benevolence
                                                |                                                    |    
                                                |                                                    |
                          Officers        |                                                    |------Call Posting 
                                                |--------Secretary                          |
                                                |                                                    |
                                                |                                                    |------Communication
                                                |--------Treasurer                          |
                                                |                                                    |
                                                |                                                    |------Financial
                                                |                                                    |
                       President____|____Standing Committees__ _|
                                                |                                                    |------Insurance
                                                |                                                    |
                                                |                                                    |
                                                |---------Sergeant at Arms           |------Membership
                                                |                                                    |
                                                |                                                    | 
                                                |                                                    |------Newsletter 
                                                |---------Chaplin                            |
                                                |                                                    | 
                                                |                                                    |------Nominating
                                                |                                                    |               
                                                |---------Photographer                  |
​                                                    | 
​                                                     | 
                        ​                                                 |-------Socials

Duties of Officers

President Duties

1.The President shall preside at all meetings.

2.Have general management of the meetings; opening and closing all meetings.

3.Be charged with coordinating, advising and assisting in all functions of the meetings.

4.Maintain proper conduct while the meetings are in session.

5.The President shall appoint all committees, chairpersons and be an Ex-Officio member of all committees.

6. On an annual basis in the first Quarter shall call for a Board review of the By-Laws and Procedures, having provided copies to the new members, if the Board deems it necessary by a majority vote.  

7.Shall designate the place of meetings with the approval of the Executive Board when there is a loss of our meeting places; Sergeant at Arms determines room availability and finds options.

8.Shall Co-sign REA checks .

9.Shall review and maintain the status of the Attorney retained to represent the REA.

10. He will communicate with any outside entities, as the Official Spokesperson for REA-MLGW.

Vice- President’s Duties

1. The event of the President’s absence shall preside at the meetings.

2. Shall Co-sign REA checks. 

3. Will contact and schedule speakers for those meetings for which there are no Social events planned.

Secretary Duties

The Secretary shall prepare all correspondence, as directed; record minutes of meetings; act as custodian of records; and discharge other duties as assigned by the President.  

1. The Secretary shall prepare an agendas and minutes for the REA Executive Board meeting and General meeting, forwarding both via email to the Executive Board for additions and corrections prior to the meeting day. If there is any item added or deleted to the agendas or there are any corrections the minutes, then the Secretary will make the adjustments to the documents, providing copies to the Board for review and approval.

2. Provide copies of the current General Meeting Agenda with previous month’s minutes on the back of said agenda for the Sergeant-At-Arms to distribute at the General meeting. 

3. At the General Meeting the Secretary will be called upon to provide the minutes. Unless there is a motion and vote to correct at the meeting, the minutes (unless corrected) would stand approved. If that motion and vote took place, then the Secretary will bring the revised documents to the membership’s next meeting approval.

4. The Secretary shall prepare and maintain in the REA office a binder for all the previous Board and General meetings and agendas and a binder for all other historical information presented from the Board or Membership to the Secretary. For the Archives the Secretary shall receive and file copies of all official documents from the Executive Board, Officers and Committee Chair (esp.: Treasurer report, Pension report, OEPB report, Rosters, Tax forms, Website bill, Phone bill, Committee Listings, Retiree Digest, Division Newsletter, etc.)

5. The Secretary shall prepare, as directed, any reports, official documents, envelopes, labels, nametags or official correspondence required by the REA Board, Officers and committee chairs.

6. Prepare monthly General meeting Sign-In sheets, from the current Treasurer’s Roster; placing them on the General Meeting entry table along with the Executive Board Sign-In sheet and the Visitors’ sign-in log. After the meeting the Secretary will collect the various paper work and up-date the REA Attendance file.

7. At the beginning of each Executive Board term after the election of Officers the Secretary shall up-date the master list of rea officers and board members.

8. The Secretary shall prepare yearly certificates for Board members leaving the Board for presentation with information detailing the years served and positions held.

9. Shall Co-sign REA checks 

Treasurer Duties

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of REAMLGW and shall be responsible for safeguarding all funds in a bank approved by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall perform all other duties pertinent to finances, as directed by the President. 

1. Retrieve all mail from the Post Office 

2. Post all checks to their proper accounts. 

3. Make all Deposits

4. Keep Up with any updates on member’s information for the monthly roster for use on Secretary’s Membership Roster, by the Phone Person and the Communication Chair. 

  Updates being:
A. Name, address, phone or Email address changes
B. Dues 
C. Delinquencies
D. Deaths & spousal name changes

5. Pay all bills:

A. Office Expenses
B. Accountant
C. Newsletter costs
D. Socials
E. Insurance
F. MLGW Fall Retiree Party
G. Incorporation Tax
H. IRS Filing
I. Members for expense receipts

6. Reconcile bank statements

7. Shall Prepare and Co-sign REA checks

8. Shall provide CPA and Audit Committee with yearly financial information for IRS compliance and submittal of tax returns

9 Prepare monthly Treasurer’s Report for Board and Membership Meetings. 

10. Keep up with and purchase all office supplies and computer hardware/software. 

11. Attend any MLGW Board and City Council meetings regarding issues on Pension and/or Insurance the Board deems necessary to attend.

12. Keep up with interest and maturity dates on all CD’s and, savings and Money Market accounts 

13. Monitoring and maintaining on a yearly basis the Incorporation Status of the Association for the State of Tennessee. The bill is currently being mailed to Larry Papasan, as President when the form was completed and there are costs to make any changes to whom it is sent. 

14. Retain and provide CPA (for 2018-James Ferguson, CPA) and Audit Committee with yearly financial information for IRS compliance and submittal of tax return.

15.To Chair the Audit Committee in forming and presenting to the Executive Board for approval, Guidelines and the scheduling of review/audits of the REA-MLGW, as deemed necessary. The Committee will consist of the Treasurer and two members of the General Membership.

16.Will be responsible for all persons recruited or hired to assist in the work.


Duties – The Chaplain shall be appointed by the President and approved by the REA-MLGW Executive Board. The Chaplain is not an official of the REA-MLGW Executive Board, unless the appointee is an elected member of the Board.

1. Shall open the meeting with an Invocation and close the meeting with the Benediction.

2. Coordinate and assist the Benevolence Committee Chair.

3. Coordinate and assist the Chair of the Benevolence committee in the maintenance of the Prayer List 

4. Perform any other duties, as directed by the President.


The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for the orderly functioning of all REA meetings.

1. Serves in any capacity as directed by the President and assists in the orderly conducting of all meetings according to parliamentary procedure as set forth by Robert's Rule of Orders. 

2. Make sure the meeting room is set up as needed. (Tables and chairs in proper place) and puts the room in the order that is required after the meeting; Coordinating with the manager of the facility.

3. The Sergeant At Arms, President or Secretary Communication Chair schedules the meeting dates and selects any modified location, notifying the Communications Chair. They are 2nd Wednesday of each month; all months, except September.

4. Distributing and cleaning up Agendas, Minutes, other documents and materials before, after and during meetings

5. Making sure there is effective audio equipment available.

6. Assist with picnic activities.

7. Assists with voting in elections and all matters requiring secret ballots, and serves as teller in the event of counted votes during meetings.

8. Perform any other duties, as directed by the President.


The Photographer shall be appointed by the President and approved by the REA-MLGW Executive Board. The Photographer is not an official of the REA-MLGW Executive Board and is appointed by the President for the term set by the President, unless they are an elected Board Member. The duties will consist documenting a visual record of the various REA-MLGW functions. 

Committee Duties

  Duties: Maintaining the REA Retiree Prayer List in coordination with the Chaplain and the handling of the Christmas project for distribution    equally to those qualified  MLGW retirees in need.

  Duties - Handling the CallPosting notifications by landline or cell phone of Retirees and REA Members of any time sensitive information.

Duties – Facilitate the flow of information to and from the Executive Board to the Membership; the Chair shall be responsible for sending information by email and facebook out to members and maintaining the email address database. The email is through the Yahoo mail program and the internet information is through  the REA website ( Be responsible for the maintenance of the REA Phone.

Duties – Monitor all financial institutions in which the REA has monetary interests, reporting to the Executive Board any changes for their approval. With the Executive Board’s approval the committee will make the necessary changes.

Duties – To maintain contact with the MLGW Insurance Department and any management personnel, as would provide help and assistance; Attend any Governmental meetings that would impact the MLGW Insurance Plan. 

Duties – To recruit and organize the REA Membership, maintaining contact and provide information to all recent/past retirees.

Duties – To prepare and distribute the Quarterly REA-MLGW Newsletter

 Duties - Will be responsible for recommending a slate of qualified candidates.   Nominations will be solicited from the retiree membership that the general meetings as well as from present Board members. With the assistance of the Membership Committee and the Secretary will send all REA members ballots and will open and count the votes. The chair will then call each Board member 
and each candidate with the results of the election.

Duties – To maintain contact with the MLGW Pension Department and any management personnel, as would provide help and assistance; Attend any Governmental meetings that would impact the Pension Fund.

Duties – To coordinate the preparation for the open house buffet, Fall Picnic and Christmas Party and any other social functions.


Mailing Address: P O Box 342451, Memphis TN 38184
Office Location: 1616 Whitten Road
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone Number 901-826-7511
Website: Email:

Our Mission: To protect and advance the rights and interests of the past, present, and future retired employees of MLGW and their families.

A personal invitation for you to join REA-MLGW!     Membership meetings are held at 11:00 am at Robinwood Community, 2795 Kirby-Whitten Road on the 2nd Wednesday of the month except for September.

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  ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________

  CITY: ________________________ STATE: _________ ZIP: ____________

  EMAIL: _______________________________________________________

  PHONE #: _____________________________________________________

  Approximate Date of Retirement: _____________________

  Make check payable to REA-MLGW and mail it with this application to:

  REA-MLGW, P.O. Box 342451, Memphis, TN 38184

  Dues for 2018 will be $48.00 which can be prorated $4.00 per month until the end of the year. Dues can also be deducted from your account at LG&W Credit Union in the amount of $4.00 per month. (Please contact REA for a Share Transaction Card.)

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