Mission Statement

Our goal is to communicate with all retirees and their families for the long term betterment of all. We will do this by communicating the truth, as best we know it, regarding any pension, insurance and/or other items pertinent to our members. Members are defined as any retired person of MLGW or their surviving spouse. We will interact on information to promote the well being of our members for our future relationship with the MLGW administration.

Our intent is to maintain the MLGW pension as a separate entity - not to be combined with any other pension system. Our main focus is to protect and advance the rights and interests of the past, present, and future retired employees of MLGW and their families. We will accomplish this through legal and morally permissible means. We will undertake all steps and activities necessary to accommodate these purposes and to do so in a way to promote the dignity of all people involved.